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Hoardings are wooden structures placed either permanently or temporarily on castle walls and were designed to hang over and past the wall. They not only offer a covering for defenders on the roof, but also had openings on their floor which allowed objects or liquids to be dropped directly down at attackers at the base of the wall.

An advertising hoarding is a large outdoor signboard found in places with high traffic such as cities, roads and motorways or on sides of buildings, aiming to show large advertisements to pedestrians and drivers. An advertising hoarding is rented to advertisers. They can also used to screen new housing developments or indoors, mainly in shopping centers.

Hoardings are designed to catch attention and therefore only include a few words are printed in big letters and contain very bright colors. They are used by global brands such as telecommunication companies, banks, movie companies and car manufacturers. Charities and governmental agencies also use them to communicate with the general public.

Being a large format digital printing company, Super chrome uses the latest graphic design and digital printing technologies to produce high quality advertising hoardings suitable for outdoors and indoors displays, for shop openings, product launches and construction sites. The service provided by our talented team of designers and print specialists is unbeatable and offered at very competitive prices.

Hoarding Hints

Companies prefer to display their  products and information on hoardings as a lot of people tend to view hoardings and route to their workplace or while going home. Hoardings reach out to a vast section of society.
Advertising through hoardings is big business. Owners of buildings including societies try to augment their resources by successfully exploiting this source of revenue. Hoardings are put up on the terrace or in the compound or on the walls of a building. We also find roadside hoardings which generally belong to advertising agencies. As these hoardings are big enough, and leveled quite high, they are easily spotted. Their bright colors and larger than life figures catch everyone's eyes. This is the reason why hoardings are so much in demand.

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